Dec 262011

I’ve completely migrated to Debian last year, and one  of the issues was ICQ antispam again. Official Debian repository lacks Bot Sentry plugin for Pidgin, so I had to build “quick-n-dirty” package myself. Binary .deb for i386 platform (Debian Sid) can be downloaded here and installed with
$ sudo dpkg -i <pkg>
and optional
$ sudo apt-get -f install

For other platforms you can download source package and rebuild it.


I am not going to adopt the package into official Debian repository, since Bot Sentry upstream seems to be dead and there is a good replacement already there. I would recommend it for novice users. But for those accustomed to Bot Sentry here is the chance.

BTW, Fedora package is also updated.

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Nov 072010

It is discovered that official Fedora OpenSync/libsyncml suite fails to synchronize Nokia N900 contacts/calendar. Although libsyncml-0.4.6 package is considered stable, it’s rather old and unable to handle N900 SyncML dialect properly. Newer versions of libsyncml (0.5.4) contains workaround, but Fedora is not likely to  migrate to libsyncml-0.5.4 in near future as it breaks complete OpenSync infrastructure.

I’ve backported workaround from libsyncml-0.5.4 to current Fedora 14 version and submitted a patch to Fedora team. Hope it will be accepted once upon a time and we will see working version in Fedora repository. Until that happy moment you can download patched binary RPM package here.

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